Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Good evening everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great night and that all of you on the East Coast are safe after the wicked earthquake we had today!  I was about 40 miles from the epicenter when it happened and it was unbelieveable to have experienced - a bit disconcerting too!  Thankfully, I was fine as was everyone else where I was.

Earthquakes could not stop me from announcing my winners, however! :) 

First off, thank you to all of you for visiting my blog and leaving me such wonderful comments.  I love hearing your feedback! 

My husband served as "Random.org" the other night and chose my winners for me :)  Without further ado...

The winner from the "Bucket List" Blog Hop is... #32, Lori Apgar!

Lori Apgar said...

You are off to a good start for a bucket list!!! Very cute!

Glad to be in this hop with you!

The winner from the "Interactive Card Hop" is... #18, Doris P.!

Doris P. said...

love the card.. I am being inspired by this blog hop!

Congratulations Lori and Doris!  I've sent e-mails to both of you concerning your prize, and have already heard back from Lori (who was pretty excited!).  Doris, if you're reading this, please e-mail me at scrappinpinkpiglet(at)gmail(dot)com to claim your prize!

Thank you again for visiting my blog and commenting!  I truly do appreciate it!

Take care everyone :)

Ashley "Scrappin' Pink Piglet"


  1. Glad to hear you are safe! Congrats to the winners.

  2. oohhhh so excited!!!! just facebook'd ya with me address.. congrat's Lori :)