Friday, October 21, 2011

Coming soon....

Hello bloggy visitors :)

Thank you for those of you who left kind notes on my previous blogpost (that's you, Linda!) - I appreciate the support.  I'm sure you're wondering why my post still hasn't is not by choice...but because I am sick :(  I guess I knew it would happen with the stress and all...and with the sickness that seems to be sweeping through the teachers at my school...but I am not 100% and have not had a chance to write my post yet as I am either huddled under a blanket and/or sleeping when not at school.  We're headed out to see my family this weekend (yay) which makes it even more difficult to pull a post together!  So I promise that by Sunday night (if not sooner -- we'll see if I can commandeer the computer at my parents' house...) I will have my "Sketchy Wednesday" post up :)

Thanks for being patient with me...bit of a crazy time right now, but eventually I will get it all done! :)

Take care,


  1. I hope you feel better soon Ashley. It seems whenever the weather changes I get sick, but nothing bad enough that I can't still go to work - don't know if that is good or bad :)

  2. Feel better, Ashley! I know the difficulties of having to teach while being sick, and it's rather stinky! Hope your recovery is quick and you get a chance to rest this weekend.