Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Leo! :)

Good evening again :)

Yes, here is post number TWO!  I'll try to keep this brief, seeing as though my last post was a little :)  I wanted to share a few pictures of the cake my husband created for his brother Leo's 30th birthday last weekend.  As I had stated in an earlier post, my husband was fortunate enough to receive a Cricut Cake Mini through a giveaway that Erica at My Cricut Craft Room had a month or so ago.  He was pretty excited to be able to use it because he has gotten into cake decorating this past year.  Needless to say, we claimed Leo's birthday as George's official cake-making debut with the Cake Mini.  And here is the final result...

So...why "Free Parking"?

Without getting into too much detail (and embarassing my poor brother-in-law beyond all the good-natured grief we have given him the past few years), Leo had never had a job in his 30 years on this earth.  When my husband had first conceived the cake, it looked like Leo would never have a job.  FORTUNATELY (but unfortunately for the cake, lol) my brother-in-law started an amazing job this past week.  We are extremely happy for him, but, as I said, it kind of changed the meaning of the cake, lol.

For the construction of the husband did all the fondant work.  We ended up using the Cake Mini for the letters on the cake because the cartridge we had bought for the car (Cricut Lite "Billionaire") had images similar to the game, but not exact enough for my husband (lol).  We cut the letters out of the Wilton Sugar Sheets, which work pretty well IF you're cutting letters bigger than 2 inches.  We tried it on 1-inch and they ripped apart; 2 inches, and they stayed pretty well on the sheet:

My husband hand-cut the car using a tempage he had created:

All in all, the cake turned out pretty awesome!  My husband already has a request in from his youngest sister's boyfriend, who likes anything "Boston" (Celtics, Patriots, etcetera).  It is the day after the middle sister's wedding, so no guarantees there will be another cake right away (especially since we're all in the wedding) but if he does take the plunge to create another, I will share it here!

One more post to go...woohoo!

Ashley "Scrappin' Pink Piglet"

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