Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Projects

Good evening all,

I hope your Sunday has gone well.  I spent time this afternoon creating two styles of Halloween cards that I am planning on sending to my family and giving to a couple of my friends.  Thought I would include pictures of both in this post :)



I apologize for the poor quality of my pictures, but my cell phone was handy so I used that...

I'm looking forward to sending these to the special people in my life!  There are definitely improvements to be made, but I don't think it is too bad for my first time making Halloween cards :)

I hope that everyone continues to have an excellent Sunday and that the week starts off well.  My husband, the "boys" (our cats Lincoln and Jack), and I are watching the Patriots game right now.  My hubby is a huge Pats fan (I root for the Philadelphia Eagles), so he is super psyched about this game.  I'm trying to recover from double Philadelphia losses (Phillies and Eagles) :(


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